Game Description:

While the success rate is low at only 20%, U-Raptor has the ultimate poison skill. Care to try your luck? Characterized by big claws on both front and back legs.

Found In:

FF: Rivet Ravine(Tunnel #5) FFC: Hot Spring Heights( Pay-to-dig site)


Raptor Claw (83 Attack - FP 50 )

U-Venom (97 Attack - FP 120 ) Poison: Success Rate: 20%

Raptor Rage (132 Attack - FP 220 )

FF:Quicken (--- Attack - FP 50 ') Rise Evasion: Success Rate: 100%

FFC:Rallying Cry (--- Attack - FP 50) Remove Status

Team Skills

FF:Scorch Breath (126 Attack - FP 250) Attack both AZ and SZ

FFC:Poison Pant (126 Attack - FP 330) Poison Team: 20%

Support Effects (Applied to own AZ)

Attack:+5% Defence:0% Accuracy:0% Evasion:0%


U-Venom does 50% of the targets max LP

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